Welcome to my life!  I don’t make that statement lightly.  Over many decades, I have become the person displayed in the contents of this site.  Whether through my family, friends, reading, teaching, travel, or experiencing a variety of life’s stumbling blocks, I have become a person focused on one thing: “Inviting people to be and do good.”  That personal mission statement guides me now as it has for nearly three decades.  It is also the reason this site is offered to you.

I trust as you move around in this site you will find value, encouragement, and a challenge to live well in all you undertake.  I believe we are created for good things; this site is just one way to encourage you to become what you, too, are intended to become over the lifetime you have been given.

The site will offer recommended reading, links to books I have written, and ongoing thoughts posted in my blog or via other social media.  They are not there simply to help you to know me and what I might offer professionally as an author or public speaker, but for you to grow through encouragement and a call to action.

Spend a few minutes or take an hour or two.  But whatever you discover here, know that it is meant for your well-being and the opportunity to have abundant life.  Blessings, grace, and peace.  Enjoy!