My Blogs of a Former Place

I took up blogging some time ago.  I didn’t know at the time, but there was a personal web page in my future.  And, here it is.

I feel a bit of a loss, however, because on that former site I did pour out things important to me.  Over a number of blogs I spilled ink sharing about personal mission, goal setting, character development and one of the most important issues to me, prostate cancer.  I am a survivor of that disease.  Through my “Living Well” blog, I shared frankly about my cancer, the surgery, the decisions a man and wife must make, and the aftermath of the physical issues that linger on and on once a prostatectomy is performed.  So, I feel a sense of loss because I poured out my heart and emotions there.

I hope you will take a short trip to my former blog site, “Living Well.” You can find the link on my “Recommended Sites,” but you can also click here:  Either method will get you to the place that houses a part of me.

So welcome here….but go there, too.  As I always close, I close today….blessings, grace and peace.

David Neidert