It is my hope that this section of my site will be of ongoing help to you.  In this section, I will supply resources that I trust you will find valuable in your professional or personal life.  I invite you to regularly visit this section.  I know you will find resources here that will be of encouragement and assistance.

One of the items offered here are recommended sites related to cancer.  I am a cancer survivor.  I always find that a curious statement, but it is a fact.  Below are sites I recommend, particularly for men facing the dark days of prostate cancer and the decisions that must be faced.  These sites were of great resource to me as I searched for answers and direction in the decisions facing me. I trust these sites will benefit you also.  The sites will provide information concerning cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and life after prostate cancer. 

National Cancer Institute

Highly recommend for factual information, free booklets, and other insights about prostate cancer.

Web MD

A very useful site explaining prostate cancer, procedures, and life after prostate cancer surgery.

The Mayo Clinic

One of the USA’s experts in health, including prostate cancer.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Excellent videos covering procedures, as well as erectile dysfunction.  Also research data.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

USA’s authority on many health issues, including prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Excellent information on diagnostics, questions, free materials.


Very helpful site with easy to read materials.