Scholarly Works

While writing for the general book market beckons to me always, the world of academic writing is also deeply imbedded in my background.  With a graduate degree in religious studies and Old Testament, I am drawn to research for academic settings.  Over the past decade, I have authored a variety of scholarly works used for The Center for Christian Leadership and my classes at Anderson University.

These scholarly works are:

“What Mean These Stones? An Introduction to Archaeology and History of the Ancient Near East”

“Reformation’s Song: A History of Hymnody of the Church of God”

“Shepherding the Flock: Leadership Lessons from the Church of God”

“The Life & Teachings of Jesus: From the Gospel of Luke”

“Questions from Jesus: Seven Critical Questions Every Believer Must Answer”

These works are available in manual form by contacting the Center for Christian Leadership. 


An academic work I am particularly pleased with is related to student debt and living a life of stewardship. This book, Spiritual Matters: Faith and Finances for Ministry and Education (2015) is FREE for anyone interested in thinking about stewardship and living debt free across a lifetime. Download it today.


A co-authored article with Dr. John Aukerman on “Mapping Structural Change” in seminaries. Published in the Association of Theological Journal, Theological Education, pages 63-77.