The images below represent three published works I have authored.  Four Seasons of Leadership is a book focused on becoming the person we are meant to be through seasons of our lives: personal mission, education, character, and working with others.  Four Seasons of Leadership is also available in Spanish. Both the English and the Spanish editions are available electronically via Amazon/ Kindle. The Spanish editions are available electronically in the US, Europe, Spain, and Brazil.

Discovering You: First Steps in Developing Your Emotional Intelligence is a book focused on emotional intelligence and writing a personal mission statement.  This book is used by college students as well as leaders looking to discover his or her passion and purpose in life. The book is available in Kindle via Amazon or from Westbow Press.



GodQuest is a curriculum for youth to help them explore their relationship with God and others.



Additionally, I have authored chapters for other books. They are: “Love: Bridges of Reconciliation,” (2003) stories of reconciliation in relationships and life; and contributed to the book, New Paradigm of Leadership: A Vision of Excellence for 21st Century Organizations, with authors like Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Peter Senge, and Peter Drucker.