My Blogs of a Former Place

I took up blogging some time ago.  I didn’t know at the time, but there was a personal web page in my future.  And, here it is.

I feel a bit of a loss, however, because on that former site I did pour out things important to me.  Over a number of blogs I spilled ink sharing about personal mission, goal setting, character development and one of the most important issues to me, prostate cancer.  I am a survivor of that disease.  Through my “Living Well” blog, I shared frankly about my cancer, the surgery, the decisions a man and wife must make, and the aftermath of the physical issues that linger on and on once a prostatectomy is performed.  So, I feel a sense of loss because I poured out my heart and emotions there.

I hope you will take a short trip to my former blog site, “Living Well.” You can find the link on my “Recommended Sites,” but you can also click here:  Either method will get you to the place that houses a part of me.

So welcome here….but go there, too.  As I always close, I close today….blessings, grace and peace.

David Neidert

Starting A Website–A New Day

Welcome to my new website!  This isn’t the first website I have on the internet, but it is new.  The others use old technology and sometimes are difficult to upgrade.  The world has changed since I started this technology journey way back when.  So my word for today, excited!

I really have to thank two people in this.  First my son for spending a day with an “old dog” wanting to learn new tricks.  David Benjamin, you are the best at your craft.  You can see his creativity at Three Wave Motion Pictures; see the links on my site to his site!

The second is Jon Pianki.  Jon is a web designer.  He pulled together the picture and background you see here.  A few phone calls in the heat of the site development engaged Jon’s passion for this work.  You can connect with Jon by seeing him on the footer of this site as well.

Thanks for stopping in.  Take a look around at all the material and find something encouraging.  Blessings, grace and peace.

David Neidert