What I teach

The college classroom has shaped my thinking and teaching skills since 1987.  The university setting continues to challenge me intellectually and spiritually as I prepare annually for new students filled with questions, insights, and opinions that deserve my best engagement.

I regularly teach the following courses at Anderson University:

An Introduction to Archaeology and History of the Ancient Near East: an examination of archaeological methods and the Middle East from 3,000 BCE to the Roman Period.

Leadership Seminar: a focus on emotional intelligence, growing personally as a leader, and placing good tools in the toolbox of leadership.

Ethics and Leadership: a focus on what is ethics and how we make decisions that are the best possible every day.

In addition to these courses, I regularly facilitate full or partial day seminars on the topics of personal mission statement development and community not-for-profit board development for civic leaders. I work regularly with the Leadership Academy of Madison County, and the Schafer Leadership Academy. (Delaware County, IN)