Things I Believe In

There are things I believe in that are important for the community in which I live and also for my personal, spiritual, and professional development as an author and public speaker.  For nearly nine years, I have been teaching every week in a local church setting. This spiritual discipline has been formative and deeply gratifying as I seek to live my faith.

International travel has also shaped me. I have traveled and taught in Mexico, England, the Middle East, and India. One of the perspective shaping ministries I am connected to is the India Gospel League. This is an outstanding ministry shaping rural India. International travel helps us to see the world in a profoundly different way if we are open to the experiences. I encourage all people to take an opportunity if it arrives.

The Leadership Academy of Madison County is also important to me.  This civic leadership organization trains citizens for community engagement.  It has been my privilege to serve as a board member and speaker with this organization since 1986.  Over 1,600 civic leaders have learned important lessons for working together during since its inception in 1981.  This local civic organization has opened opportunities for me to speak to leadership programs across the State of Indiana.

Finally, continuing education is a place of passion for me.  I have been involved in the National Management Council, The Institute of Certified Professional Managers, and The Center for Christian Leadership for several decades.  These three continuing education programs offer hope to people who may not have the credentials to enter formal academic institutions.

It is these things that capture my time as an author, teacher, and civic volunteer.