About Me

Over many years, I have asked people about themselves.  Most people dutifully tell me about what they do in life.   This may reflect how they spend their days, but this does not tell who they are.

I am first and foremost a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ.  I try living my life daily by the teaching and example of Christ as given to us in the Bible.  His example and teaching define my relationships and interactions with the world.  My life in the body of Christ—the church—also defines who I am as a man of faith.

I am also a man defined by his family.  I am married and committed to my wife of forty-one years.  My three children, their families, and my grandsons and granddaughter also define who I am in relationships.

I am also a teacher.  I use this word in the broadest sense.  I teach through civic consulting; presentation of public seminars; public speaking; teaching at the university level; and in writing.

Writing is a key for me as a teacher.  I teach through what I write, whether in full length books, manuals for the classroom, or articles.

These elements define who I am.  I desire to use my blog as a way of ongoing teaching and sharing all I am learning about life and our pilgrimage through it.