A Child Lost

I just watched the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. To say I am shocked is not true. I didn’t watch the trial every day like thousands did, nor did I follow it in the newspapers or read blogs on the trial regularly. I did watch and pay attention enough to know that the verdict would be ‘not guilty.’ I even told my family this several days ago. The trial was a mess; it was a terrible display of our legal system on both sides. I believe the family is not telling everything and I believe that Casey is involved; but we will never know the extent of any of the real facts as the case is filled with lies, overstatement of facts, and deceit at every turn. No matter what the outrage today or my personal opinion, the system has given its verdict.

I do sit, however, with a lump in my chest. The kind of lump you get when you know it is all wrong and you get tingly and nervous that it is all wrong; it is the type of feeling I cannot fully capture, but know others may feel it. In the end, no matter the verdict, a little girl lost her life. She is more than a victim or the subject of this trial. Caylee is the subject of a travesty of the first cause; that there should be smiles and ignorant jubilation while the life of a little child is not mentioned or if so, in cold facts like when someone describes a historical event we are separated from by time and space. A child, the real victim in this case, a victim unable to find justice. We as a society are to be mourned for what has taken place. No words can even express my sense of loss; and maybe yours as well.

As is often said in situations like this at the death of criminals: “May God have mercy on our souls” for what has occurred in what is to be the justice system. May God have mercy on us. And may God’s mercy and grace and peace bathe over the soul of Caylee Anthony. May the paradise promised be fully enjoyed by Caylee now and forever more.