A Rest from Words

It has been a long time since I posted…over 100 days.  It has been a time of personal reflection and needed rest from words.  Over these days, my mother passed away and my father had a stroke.  Additionally, there have been times of stress at work and in family.  It is a time when words are not enough.  And adding to the ongoing avalanche of words, I needed a break.

I have been reading during this time.  Praying, meditating, and justs taking a rest from words in the public forum.  I have continued to write, but for tools that I think deserved attention.  A revision of a book I co-authored, a chapter for a book with other authors, a widely published newsletter, policy notes in my organization’s catalog, and in my journal.  These are places I have been putting my words for the moment. 

I have also spent time thinking about words.  Too many of them electronically these days.  I read–scan a lot these days–because there are more words than I can consume.  So, once more, I am returning to the authors I really enjoy, the materials that give me strength, the books I can hold in my hands (although I am now using Kindle as well).  So these past 100 days have been a rest; more accurately from the deluge of words that want me to listen to something, someone, buy something, or follow something.   All probably good….all needed, I am sure.  But I needed a rest (and I am probably not the only one).

I am returning after this rest with new vigor, not to add to just the plethora of words, but to actually say something meaningful (I hope).  To direct people toward good books, articles, Tweets, and other items that are useful.  My skill set is critical thinking.  That has been my life in academia.  So, I am applying it to help people sort through words and ideas.

If you need a rest too, or just need someone to help you sort some meat from the gruel of words, keep joining me occasionally.  I am trying not to add to the ongoing sea of words, but to provide isles of thought and rest from so much overload.  Join me in recommended books, articles, and other items that may help you also find rest.

Blessings for this day and those to come.  Grace and peace to you.

David Neidert